05.22.2017 LAST EMAIL


To sum up this last week quickly, it was great. We got rained on a few times (which is normal), we taught a few people, and knocked on a few doors. Yesterday was my last day at church in the Omagh branch and everyone was so kind.
But anyway, this is the LAST WEEKLY EMAIL OF MY MISSION. This time next week, I’ll be on a plane flying back from Edinburgh, Scotland to Spokane, Washington. It is absolutely insane how fast a year and a half goes by. I can’t believe that it’s already time to go home. Wish it wasn’t.
I just want to let you all know that I KNOW that my Redeemer lives!! I have spent the last 18 months of my life in His service. I love Him with all my heart. Words cannot describe how I feel at the end of my mission. It truly is bittersweet.
I love you all. Please know that your Father in Heaven loves you and that He is always there.
For those of you who are on their missions or who just keep in contact through email, my email is mickhassing@gmail.com. For those of you at home, I sure hope to get in contact with you and speak with you soon!!!!
Sister Michayla Hassing
We found a snail!!
Last pic with Sister Truman!! Love her 🙂

05.15.2017 Happy Mother’s Day!!

Hello family and friends!

This week was another beautiful week!! It was sunny all of Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday and then it started to get grey and rainy only on Thursday. But you take the sun whenever you can get it out here in Ireland.
Anyway, not too terribly much happened this week. We went to Derry, taught a few people, and got stuck in the rain a few times (a usual thing). Nothing too unusual. All is well. We got to go inside a huge cathedral and that was pretty cool.
I did get to Skype though!! That was the real highlight. Loved every minute of it. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!!
Hope you all have an amazing week and that you enjoy the nice, warm weather!!
Love you all!
Sister Michayla Hassing
The outside of the cathedral
The inside

05.08.2017 Goodbye, Campsie!!

Hello family and friends!!

I have no shortage of what to talk about this week!! My goodness.

This week was packed full of adventures. On Monday night, we traveled to Belfast and spent the night with some sisters there. Tuesday morning, we had to wake up super early and drive down to Dublin for an All-Ireland missionary conference. That was awesome. Also really scary and kinda weird because it was my LAST EVER zone conference and I had to give a departing testimony. I’ll really miss zone conferences though. They’re always so much fun and you get to see so many friends.

Anyway, after the conference, we had to drive back to Belfast and stay there again Tuesday night because we were going to have exchanges with Sister Palmer and Sister Checketts on Wednesday so we spent the whole day there on Wednesday as well. That was really fun cause they’re just crazy. We had to stay in Belfast again on Wednesday night because President and Sister Donaldson were coming to interview us all on Thursday. And that, as always, was amazing. I love them so much.

But then the real craziness started. Cause after we came back on Thursday, Sister Truman and I had to move out of our flat!! For the past 3 months, we’ve been living on Campsie Rd in Omagh. Which happens to be the biggest party-street in the whole town. So every night, we would be woken up by screaming drunk people running through the street past our flat. Also, our back door didn’t lock. And the hot water came out boiling. And we had a pet mouse who we named Harry. And in our one flat, there were 4 flights of stairs. And we lived above a Subway. So needless to say, we are SO HAPPY that we’re out of that flat. But it was an adventure. We did it all by ourselves and the letting agent required us to move all the furniture into the same position it was in when the flat was first rented. So we had to move huge wardrobes and beds down 2 flights of stairs. That was terrifying. Haha. But we managed.

Anyway, hope you all have an amazing week!!! Love you so much!!


Sister Michayla Hassing

It’s a miracle when there are no clouds in the sky in Ireland
At the conference in Dublin!!


Hello family and friends!!

This week was another spectacular week on the Emerald Isle! It is absolutely gorgeous outside today as well so we’re looking forward to another great week.
Last Monday for P-day, Sister Truman and I took a roadtrip and went to Belfast! The Titanic was built in Belfast and so they have a huge museum for it and we went and it was awesome. We also just hung out and did some shopping and just enjoyed ourselves while we were there.
On Tuesday when we were going to District Meeting, we got stuck in traffic for an hour! It was absolutely ridiculous. There’s this little tiny town on the way from Omagh to Londonderry -it’s like going through Wilbur to get from Omak to Spokane. No stoplights. Just a straight shot through. But it took us half an hour to get all the way through that little tiny town. And then it took us another half an hour to get to another little tiny town where it cleared up a bit. Usually it takes us 1 hour or maybe even less to go to Londonderry from Omagh but it took us 2 hours. Needless to say, we were late for District Meeting. But that was okay. Lol.
We got to hold more lambs!! That was so much fun!! They’re so cute and tiny and fluffy!
But anyway, love you all and hope you all have a fantastic week!!
Sister Michayla Hassing
At the Titanic museum!
Holding lambs!
More of the lambs 🙂

04.24.2017 We’re teaching an ex-nun

Hello family and friends!!

This week was a week full of miracles!! One of the miracles is that when we were knocking on doors on Monday evening, Sister Truman and I were invited in to the home of an ex-nun. We started to talk with her and she is genuinely interested in learning about our church! She was dismissed as a nun when she was living in France and couldn’t understand French so she asked to be moved to somewhere that spoke English. The next thing she knew, she was in normal clothes on the way home. She still has such a strong belief in God but already, she’s saying that our teachings make so much sense!!

We were taken to the beach by a member and her boyfriend on Monday as well and that was so much fun!!! As missionaries, we weren’t allowed to swim but we could dip our feet in the water! It was FREEZING. We had a picnic on the beach though and were generally just enjoying life.

ALSO, we got to play with a newborn lamb!!! The Cathers- a family we are really close to and who live on a farm- took us out into their fields and let us hold some lambs that had been born that morning and that was a lot of fun.

Anyway, hope you all are doing well!!!

Love you lots!

Sister Michayla Hassing

The newborn lamb!!!

Shelley and us at the beach!!
Sister Truman and Sister Hassing- missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

04.17.2017 Happy Easter

Hello friends and family!!

Happy Easter!! Hope you all had a great time eating chocolate and doing easter egg hunts and everything like that. Easter is a huge thing here but you really don’t do easter egg hunts and the easter bunny isn’t a huge thing. You just get loads and loads of chocolate.
We really didn’t do a whole lot of exciting things this week. We weren’t stuck anywhere and we really didn’t have to even go anywhere. The STL’s from Belfast came to our area and stayed for a day and that was really fun 🙂 I was with Sister Checketts and we went to volunteer at the charity shop we go to and they have been trying to convince Sister Truman to buy this one coat for forever… haha. It’s a long brown coat with a fur collar and it’s super 1920s… and when we went in there, Sister Checketts bought it!!! The people who volunteer there were dying laughing.
As for transfers, I am staying another 6 weeks in Omagh with Sister Truman!! These next 6 weeks are also, unfortunately, my last 6 weeks on my mission. But we’re planning on making this transfer the best one yet!!
Sister Michayla Hassing
A member was so nice and bought us chocolate Easter eggs!!


Hello family and friends!!

Hope you’re all doing well and that the weather is just starting to be beautiful and springy!! I know here, it’s now light at 6:30am and dark after 9pm. That is sooo nice.

Anyway, things are good here in Omagh. Not too much new stuff is happening though. We did find out that Omagh is the wettest part of Northern Ireland… so that’s some news. Haha.

This week we were stuck in Portadown to get our car serviced. Cause last week, we were stuck in Belfast to get the brakes done… but they weren’t able to service the car. And Portadown was closer to Omagh so we had to go there. The car place said it would only be a few hours. Then it turned out being the whole day. But at least we didn’t have to stay overnight again… haha.

Saturday was absolutely beautiful!!! It was 16 degrees Celsius and sunny! And that’s about all we get. Lol. We had some fun walking around in that though. People are so much nicer when it’s sunny outside.

The heating in the church isn’t working and it was pretty cold in there for church on Sunday so they cut the meeting down by an hour. We had an hour for sacrament meeting, and half an hour each for Sunday School and Relief Society/Priesthood. Because even in April, you need your heating on. Haha.

Hope you all are doing well and that you’ll have a great week!!!

Love you all!
Sister Michayla Hassing
The trees are starting to bloom!!
Nice cliche picture of our tags
This is Norma and Ian- a family who has us over all the time and we love them so much!!!

04.03.2017 April showers bring May flowers!!

Hello family and friends!!

This week was absolutely amazing!! There were so many great things that happened. On Tuesday, we had an activity at the church and 4 nonmembers and 1 less-active member came!!! They doubled the size of the activity… haha. But they all really enjoyed it. It was great to see them all there.

Wednesday, we started teaching this 17 year-old kid named Cathal. We met him in the street because he actually stopped us!! He was asking people to sign his petition and he ended up having a lesson set up with us. We’ve taught him 3 times already!

Thursday, we had to go to Belfast and we figured while we were there, we’d get our car’s brakes fixed cause they were starting to go out. But NONE of the places we went to could get us in until the next morning!! So we decided that because the brakes are pretty important to driving the car, we’d just stay in Belfast overnight. The only problem with that was that we didn’t have any clothes. No clothes. No makeup. No journal. No nothing. But we did it. So we did some finding in Belfast that night and got up first thing in the morning on Friday to take the car in- then we sat there for 4 hours waiting for it to be fixed. We did get it fixed though and were able to drive safely back from Belfast to Omagh.

Saturday and Sunday were General Conference!!! I LOVE General Conference. There were so many amazing talks. We haven’t had the opportunity to see the Sunday Afternoon session yet but we’re going to listen to it soon.

Anyway, hope you all have a great week and enjoy spring!!!

Sister Michayla Hassing
Our activity on Tuesday- making tie-blankets 🙂
Picture in front of the church on Sunday
Finding in Belfast!!
This is our baby. Her name is Gloria

03.27.2017 UK Mother’s Day!!

Hello family and friends!!

This week has been absolutely insane but it was so great at the same time. The beginning of the week was craziness. We had the All-Ireland Conference in Dublin on Tuesday so we had to drive down to Belfast Monday night and leave really really early that morning. We also had to drive 3 elders down to Dublin… cause their visas wouldn’t allow them to cross the border on any mode of public transportation. So basically we were smuggling them across the border because they don’t have passport checks when you drive. Haha. So we were there all day and it was so great to see friends and everyone there! But then we had to drive back to Belfast to drop the elders off and then back to Omagh- all in that night!!!

And then Wednesday morning, we had to drive back to Belfast for exchanges with Sister Garner and Sister Checketts. That was so much fun!! They are crazy. haha. But then on Thursday we had our interviews with President and Sister Donaldson in Belfast. So we finally got to come home Thursday night. But interviews were amazing. I love the Donaldsons so much.

But this week, the weather has been absolutely BEAUTIFUL. All Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and today it hasn’t rained. Which I think might be a national record…. lol. But UK Mother’s Day was yesterday. And for the second year now (which makes me feel so old) I got a present at church for being old enough…. haha. They gave out giant chocolate bars to all the women who were there yesterday. So more chocolate!! Woohoo. Ha.

Anyway, love you all and hope you all have a great week!!

Sister Michayla Hassing

03.20.2017 Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!

Hello family and friends!!!

Not a whole lot happened this week… other than St. Patrick’s Day!! St. Patrick’s Day is an Irish holiday. It originated here. So it’s kind of a big thing… haha. On Friday, all the kids were off of school and most people were off of work so it was just insane. There were parades and parties and carnivals and everyone was in green. But it’s actually quite funny- we were talking to some people and they said that pinching people when they’re not in green is NOT an Irish thing!! Apparently that’s only American…. hahaha. But really, St. Patrick’s Day is such a big thing here that missionaries in Ireland weren’t allowed to be in the cities…. because it’s a Catholic holiday and there is lots of religious contention in this area. It did rain all day though. Fitting. Haha.

Anyway, there really has been such beautiful weather the past little bit. And it’s lighter for a LOT longer. In the winter, it gets light around 10 and then gets dark around 3. So when it’s light at 6:30 and dark at 7… it’s SO NICE. But what’s crazy- the UK hasn’t had Daylight Savings Times yet. So ya’ll in America are one hour closer to us now but I think this weekend it changes for us. So we’ll be back to the usual time separation.

Hope you all have a great week and that you’re having fun with the spring weather starting to come!!

Love you all!!

Sister Michayla Hassing

sorry no pictures 🙁 I forgot my camera all week and Sister Truman’s camera is broken