09.12.2016 Today is a good day to have a good day

Dear Family and Friends,

This week has been great. It really is starting to cool down up here though. Starting to break out all the tights and sweaters again. Haha. Hope everyone is enjoying the start of school and autumn and everything that comes with it.
Not too much went on this week that was particularly exciting. Except that we were able to go on exchanges! There are 2 sets of sisters in the Alloa ward and both of us cover the same area. So we’re around each other all the time and we got permission from President Donaldson to go on exchange with each other as long as I was in charge of it (because I am “the most experienced” sister among the 4). We went on exchange on Friday night to Saturday and it was so much fun. I was with Sister Zimmerman who is a new missionary in her first transfer and Sister Anjain went with Sister Pinkston who is a sister who came out in the same transfer that Sister Cole (my first trainee) did. It was so much fun.
Sister Zimmerman and I were out street contacting on Friday night and it started to rain. And it rained really hard. We were out in the rain for about two and a half hours. So when we got home that night, the first thing we did was change into dry clothes and drink some hot chocolate. Haha. My shoes were still wet the next day.
Anyway, I hope you all are having a great time! Wish you all the best! Have a great week!
Sister Michayla Hassing
Stirling :)
Stirling 🙂
Thanks for the package, Mom and Dad!!! Mac and cheese and LIFE cereal!!
Thanks for the package, Mom and Dad!!! Mac and cheese and LIFE cereal!!

09.05.2016 A Week of Miracles!

Hello Family and Friends! I hope you have all had a fantastic week. I know I have!

To start off, last Monday, after emailing, Sister Anjain and I went to Stirling Castle! It is absolutely amazing and because we live in Stirling, we get in for free!! So that’s awesome. And I’ve always been a history nerd so I love running through the castle and just seeing it all. Also, there are lots of tourists. Which is really strange because most of them are American and their accents sound weird. Haha.
We had Zone Interview Training this week in Edinburgh! It really is crazy going back there all the time. But that was amazing. There were so many spiritual insights. And the Training just happened to be on Friday which was exactly my 9 month mark! I’ve been on my mission for 9 months already. It doesn’t feel real. It has gone by so fast.
Anyway, after the meeting, Sister Anjain and I went on exchanges with Sister Paxman and Sister Muller so we got to stay over in Edinburgh that night and all of Saturday morning and afternoon. I was with Sister Muller which is so fun because she trained my MTC companion…. and her name is Sister Muller. Haha. Something that is so crazy is that when I was Edinburgh, I saw Paul and Kirsten again! I taught them when I served there. Which was 6 months ago now. And I keep seeing them. I see them almost every time I’m in Edinburgh.
I think the highlight of my week and my month and maybe even my mission is that Meng was baptized yesterday. I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned him in my emails before but I’ll just recap. Meng is a Chinese man who is living in Dundee and studying there. I started teaching him on his 2nd lesson with the missionaries. I stayed in Dundee and taught him the entire time I was there (5 months). And he was baptized yesterday. I cannot describe my joy.
I hope you all are doing well!
Love ya!
Sister Michayla Hassing


Meng at his baptism with Sister Six

Meng at his baptism with Sister Six

Just some pictures from the castle!
Just some pictures from the castle!img_4866%5b1%5d
My knight in shining armor! Haha
My knight in shining armor! Haha







08.29.20161 Amazing discoveries!

Hello Family and Friends! I hope you all are doing well. Stirling has been absolutely amazing. I love it here and it is so beautiful.

Something that happened this week that was really cool was that a completely random guy who noticed I was a Mormon missionary showed me a plaque about President David O. McKay. President McKay served in Stirling when he was on his mission!! So that was amazing to find out.

Sister Anjain and I have had a fun week. We were both just getting bored of GQ’ing in City Center and so we decided to hop on the first bus that came to the station (that we could take with our bus passes). We did that and we rode it until we came to this little town right outside of Stirling. We got off the bus and did some chapping (door knocking) for a bit and we found a few people who are interested!
Yesterday, Sister Anjain wasn’t feeling well at all so we had to stay in the flat all day. Which drove me crazy but I got some good reading in and I was able to think about taking the sacrament and really how important it is. The senior couple came and gave us the sacrament which was so special and I had the opportunity to really ponder about why it is so important that we take bread and water every week at church. Taking the bread and water isn’t even all that important. It could technically be crackers and juice if nothing else was available. But the important part is what it symbolizes. By taking the bread and water, we recommit ourselves to follow Jesus Christ and we are made clean again for the week. If that doesn’t happen, we don’t have that vital protection from the Holy Spirit that we need.
Anyway, I think all the schools have pretty much started back up and I hope everyone’s doing okay with that. Enjoy the last few days of August and the first few days of September!
Sister Michayla Hassing


My boots after they were repaired... haha
My boots after they were repaired… haha


This is the Stirling countryside :)
This is the Stirling countryside 🙂