01.31.2017 Hello, Emerald Isle!!

Hello family and friends!!

So this last week was interesting. Nothing much really happened outside of the usual on Monday-Saturday besides the worldwide missionary broadcast. We watched that as a district on Thursday because of the time difference. And I guess that’s pretty big news. Cause they changed the reporting numbers we use and they changed our daily schedule! So it’ll be fun to get used to that now. I guess I feel like that’s not huge news because Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and today have been a real trip.
So usually moves call is on Sunday nights cause it’s the end of the week and everyone can still have pday on Monday and get everything ready and then travel on Tuesday. Well, they decided to do moves call on Saturday night this time. So Sister Anjain and I got the call that we were both LEAVING STIRLING. Sister Anjain is now in Oban, Scotland. And I am now in Omagh, NORTHERN IRELAND. My new companion is Sister Truman and we already get along great. But I had to pack and leave in less than 24 hrs. We took a train with all our stuff to Edinburgh Sunday night and stayed at the mission home. Then we left at 6:00am Monday and Sister Anjain took the train to Oban and I took the bus to Glasgow where I then caught another bus to Stranraer and then the ferry to Belfast. And we have a CAR in our new area. So we picked up the car in Belfast and drove to Omagh and got in at 6:00 last night. So it was a full day of traveling. I am exhausted. But we’re whitewashing into the area and we’re so excited to get started!!!
Another fun thing, we get to drive to Dublin, Ireland tomorrow!! We’re there for a missionary conference. But Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland are very different. So this is a week of crazy new things for me!! It’s my first time in “norn ir’n” as they call it and it’ll be my first time in Ireland tomorrow!
But yeah, hope you all are doing well!! Love you all!!
Sister Michayla Hassing
Our last time with the Elder Davis and Elder Davainis. They were both moved as well! Most teams in the mission were changed.
I got to carve my name into a table at the Bishop’s house in Stirling. It’s a tradition they do. When you leave the area, they flip the coffee table over and you carve your name and the date you served there. There are dozens of missionary’s names carved. It’s harder than it looks, too!!
Last picture with Sister Anjain!!

01.23.2017 This Week!!

Hello Friends and Family!!

This week has been great!!

There’s not a whole lot that was different about this week other than we had an All-Sister’s Conference on Wednesday!! That never happens. Obviously because half of the mission is on a different island. But all the sisters from Ireland flew over to Scotland and we had a conference in Edinburgh. It was amazing. I saw so many sisters I haven’t seen in so long!! It was really nice to see all of them and just have fun together! We even did a little zumba!! haha.

I had a flat inspection for the first time ever on my mission this week too. Apparently, you’re supposed to have flat inspections at least once a transfer…. and I’ve never had one. So it was a little interesting. A senior couple in the area just came and did it. And when they walked in, they just said, “how do you keep it so clean in here??” haha.

Anyway, moves call is this upcoming Sunday. So we’ll see what happens. Both Sister Anjain and I have been in Stirling for 4 transfers… which is an unusual amount. So the probability is that something will change. But we could both move. One of us could move. Anything.

Hope you’re all having a great time!! Love you all!!


Sister Michayla Hassing


P-day with the elders!! The ground was really muddy and slippery and we all got wet somewhere- mine just happened to be down the front of my leg where you can’t see it.
Sister Pinkston, Sister Zimmerman, Sister Anjain and me at the sister’s conference!!
It was really crazy foggy one day… if you look hard enough, you can see people in the fog!!

01.16.2017 I have almost gone full circle!!

Hello Family and Friends!!!

This week was definitely a fun week! We had SNOW this week!!! It stayed for a few days, too. It snowed on Thursday and the snow stuck until Sunday afternoon. But then it rained and the rain melted the snow away.

Anyway, last Monday (pday) we went to laser-tag with the elders in Falkirk!! That was so much fun. Surprisingly, I had never been laser-tagging before but it was lots of fun. We took some members with us so there were 9 people. I got 4th place the first round, 5th place the second round, but then I got 3rd in the third round!!! It was lots of fun.

On Wednesday, we had our exchanges in Dundee!! That was great. I ran into so many people that I’d taught and that I’d been to church with. Everyone was asking me if I was back in Dundee! Which was sad but funny cause I was only there for the day but it was so fun to be back. I have been in literally 3 areas my entire mission. Usually, you leave your area and go to a different area for exchanges. But I’m in the strange position that I’ve been on exchanges in my previous areas!! So when I served in Edinburgh, I went on exchanges to Stirling (where I am currently). When I served in Dundee, I went on exchanges in Edinburgh. Since I’ve been in Stirling, I’ve been on exchanges to both Edinburgh and Dundee!! So I have never left the circle of Edinburgh, Dundee, and Stirling. Which is fine with me cause I love it here but it’s just hilarious.

That’s about all that happened this week. Other than people calling me old (in mission terms) because I’m almost done. Haha.

Anyway, hope you are all enjoying all the snow you have back home!!! I didn’t realize how much I missed the snow until it snowed just a few days ago. Ha.

Love you all!!


Sister Michayla Hassing

Laser tag with the elders and Bec!!
Got to see Colleen and Kyle in Dundee!!
Exchanges with Sister Muller(MTC companion) in Dundee!!
Sister Anjain in the snow- it was her first time even seeing snow!!
Watch out for the wild haggis 😉

01.09.2017 African Food in Scotland???

Hello family and friends!! I hope you’re all having a marvelous start to the New Year!! I know I am!

The schedule has still been a bit weird because of the holidays but we’re starting to get back into the groove of things. Most of the people we visit and talk to are still gone for Christmas and New Year’s so we didn’t have a whole lot happen this week.

Really, the only exciting thing to report is that we had authentic African food this week. One of the YSA in the ward served his mission in Togo and Benin (two countries in Africa) and he had us over and made us food that he was fed and that he would make on his mission! He made us eat it with our hands, too. Haha. It’s a food called pat. Basically it’s just any kind of flour (like plantain flour- that’s what we had) and water and a little bit of seasoning that’s boiled and then formed almost into a pyramid-type looking thing. There’s sauce that goes with it, too. It can be a chili-based sauce or he said there’s a peanut butter one or just all kinds of stuff. But you have to pick up a glob of the pat, dip it in the sauce, and then basically swallow it whole. And everyone eats from the same pat and the same sauce. So it gets pretty messy but it’s really fun and it didn’t even taste too bad!

I guess another thing is that I cut my own hair!! It was only a trim of about an inch but it’s the first time I’ve ever done that. And that didn’t turn out too bad either. Haha.

Some exciting news for this upcoming week is that we get to go on exchanges! But really, that’s always exciting. The crazy part of that is that Sister Sams and Sister Muller, our STL’s, are now in Dundee!! So I have been in literally three areas for my entire mission including exchanges. When I served in Edinburgh, I would come to Stirling on exchanges. When I served in Dundee, I would go to Edinburgh for exchanges. The first part of serving in Stirling, I would go to Edinburgh for exchanges. And now this part of serving in Stirling, and I go back to Dundee for exchanges!!! Haha. The people in these cities must be getting really tired of me cause they think I leave but then, surprise! Not really. Haha.

Anyway, hope you all are having a great time enjoying the snow!!


Sister Michayla Hassing

Haircut after picture! It’s not even a big difference. I’m just proud that I cut it myself lol
Haircut before picture!
The fog was really thick one day and it looked really cool in front of the Wallace Monument

01.03.2017 New Year’s!!

Hello Family and Friends!

Just as the past few weeks, I still don’t have time to email today. So this will again be short.
Anyway, we really didn’t have much to do this past week. With everyone gone for the holidays, there’s not many people to talk to or teach. But New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day was fun!! We had a great church service on the 1st. It was very inspiring.
I can’t believe that 2016 is gone!! It’s crazy to think that I was in Scotland for the entire year of 2016.
Anyway, hope you all have a great week and a great start to the year! Love you all.
Sister Michayla Hassing
sorry, no pictures this week :/

12.27.2016 Nobody quite knows what to do during this week….

Hello family and friends!!

Hope you’re all doing well and that you had a great Christmas! Prepare yourselves for 2017!! This is that weird week where nobody really knows what to do.
But today is another really short emailing day so I’ll just summarize and send a few pictures. We had the All-Scotland Conference on Tuesday, Not much happened during the week, but then it was Christmas Eve on Saturday and then Christmas on Sunday and then Boxing Day on Monday. And it was so much fun!!
We got lots of food and chocolate from the ward so we’re set for all of next year!! Haha.
Anyway, love you all! Enjoy the Christmas/New Year season!!
Sister Michayla Hassing
Got to see Sister Cole!!!
Christmas morning!!
Opening presents 🙂
One of the presents from a member in the ward- he painted this and gave us both a copy. Only problem is how I’m going to carry it around for the next 5 months…. haha.