03.27.2017 UK Mother’s Day!!

Hello family and friends!!

This week has been absolutely insane but it was so great at the same time. The beginning of the week was craziness. We had the All-Ireland Conference in Dublin on Tuesday so we had to drive down to Belfast Monday night and leave really really early that morning. We also had to drive 3 elders down to Dublin… cause their visas wouldn’t allow them to cross the border on any mode of public transportation. So basically we were smuggling them across the border because they don’t have passport checks when you drive. Haha. So we were there all day and it was so great to see friends and everyone there! But then we had to drive back to Belfast to drop the elders off and then back to Omagh- all in that night!!!

And then Wednesday morning, we had to drive back to Belfast for exchanges with Sister Garner and Sister Checketts. That was so much fun!! They are crazy. haha. But then on Thursday we had our interviews with President and Sister Donaldson in Belfast. So we finally got to come home Thursday night. But interviews were amazing. I love the Donaldsons so much.

But this week, the weather has been absolutely BEAUTIFUL. All Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and today it hasn’t rained. Which I think might be a national record…. lol. But UK Mother’s Day was yesterday. And for the second year now (which makes me feel so old) I got a present at church for being old enough…. haha. They gave out giant chocolate bars to all the women who were there yesterday. So more chocolate!! Woohoo. Ha.

Anyway, love you all and hope you all have a great week!!

Sister Michayla Hassing

03.20.2017 Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!

Hello family and friends!!!

Not a whole lot happened this week… other than St. Patrick’s Day!! St. Patrick’s Day is an Irish holiday. It originated here. So it’s kind of a big thing… haha. On Friday, all the kids were off of school and most people were off of work so it was just insane. There were parades and parties and carnivals and everyone was in green. But it’s actually quite funny- we were talking to some people and they said that pinching people when they’re not in green is NOT an Irish thing!! Apparently that’s only American…. hahaha. But really, St. Patrick’s Day is such a big thing here that missionaries in Ireland weren’t allowed to be in the cities…. because it’s a Catholic holiday and there is lots of religious contention in this area. It did rain all day though. Fitting. Haha.

Anyway, there really has been such beautiful weather the past little bit. And it’s lighter for a LOT longer. In the winter, it gets light around 10 and then gets dark around 3. So when it’s light at 6:30 and dark at 7… it’s SO NICE. But what’s crazy- the UK hasn’t had Daylight Savings Times yet. So ya’ll in America are one hour closer to us now but I think this weekend it changes for us. So we’ll be back to the usual time separation.

Hope you all have a great week and that you’re having fun with the spring weather starting to come!!

Love you all!!

Sister Michayla Hassing

sorry no pictures 🙁 I forgot my camera all week and Sister Truman’s camera is broken

03.13.2017 11 down…. 2 to go!!

Hello family and friends 🙂

This week has been absolutely amazing. We saw so many miracles this week. For starters, it didn’t rain for 3 days!!!! It wasn’t necessarily sunny…. but it didn’t rain and that is quite enough for me 🙂 haha.

The STLs from Belfast came to Omagh on Wednesday to go on exchanges again but more just to help us in our area. We always see miracles on exchanges and I especially love it when it’s in our own area because it really helps so much and gives the work momentum. But we met so many cool people. We’ve started teaching quite a few people and since the exchange, we’ve found quite a few more!

On Saturday was M.A.N.O.K. (stands for moves anticipation night of kebabs) so obviously Sister Truman and I celebrated by getting kebabs. You’re all probably pronouncing that keBABs but here, they’re quite a bit different. It’s pronounced keBOBS and it’s usually lamb on pita bread with lettuce and tomato on top and garlic sauce. They’re actually pretty good. But we got our moves call and Sister Truman and I are staying together in Omagh!! That was pretty expected but we’re still excited.

And with the 11 down and 2 to go…. a sister’s mission is 13 transfers long. And I have now completed 11 transfers. Which means (it’s pretty obvious if you can do math) that I have 2 transfers to go. Which is crazy. When you come out on your mission, you’re trained for 2 transfers. And my training period went by like lightning. It was so fast.

Anyway, love you all and I hope it’s starting to warm up for you like it’s warming up for us!!


Sister Michayla Hassing

A really cool sunset when the sky was clear
This was us outside at a farm watching a calf be born
They were hilarious and gave us farm jackets and wellies (rain boots) to wear
It was Sister Truman’s 6 month mark this week as well so we got her a Reese’s peanut butter cup and stuck a candle in it. Lol

03.06.2017 Connections!

Hello family and friends!! Hope you’ve all had a great week.

Our week has definitely had its ups and downs. But a great start to the week was Pancake day on Tuesday!! We’re not entirely sure if it was national pancake day or international pancake day but there was some sort of advertisement in the store on Monday about pancake day on Tuesday. So we celebrated. Haha. I haven’t had pancakes in the longest time so it was amazing.

Also on Tuesday was District Meeting- and we had to travel again but this time to Derry. Its’ official name is Londonderry but lots of people just shorten it to Derry. And depending on what you call it, you can tell what someone’s political party is and there’s a lot of contention here about that…. so you have to be really careful. Haha.

Not much really happened the rest of the week. Besides going to Belfast again for Stake Conference yesterday. That was great. And it wasn’t like an actual Stake Conference. It was something a little different. So we met as a stake in the stake center but only the first half hour was only our stake. Because for the last hour and a half, we watched a broadcast from Elder M. Russell Ballard for all of Western Europe. That was amazing. It was so spiritually uplifting.

Also, at stake conference, we met the former Stake President of Belfast Stake- which in itself isn’t that significant- but as we talked, I found out that he served his mission in Washington State a long time ago. When the whole state was one mission. But he covered Omak in one of his areas!! He is the first person I have met in almost a year and a half of living in the UK who knows where Omak is. Who even knows where Washington State is!! It was so cool!!

But anyway, love you all and hope you have a great week!!


Sister Michayla Hassing

Sister Truman and I just out knockin doors!!
It was beautiful and sunny one day!!