08.15.2016 Transfers!

Hello Friends and Family!
This week has just been great! Sister Six and I were trying to get everything in that we possibly could because everyone has been convinced that I am leaving Dundee. I’m glad we did, too, because last night’s moves call confirmed that. After 5 months of living in the sunniest city in Scotland, I am moving to Alloa to finish training Sister Anjain. Neither of us have lived in the area before although I have been to Alloa a few times on exchanges so I feel like I have a little bit of an advantage but it will still be fun getting lost. I leave Dundee tomorrow morning. Alloa is pronounced A-low-ah by the way… haha.
Something fun we did this week was Sister Six and I went on splits with Rheanne and Tiffany, two recent converts in Dundee. I was with Rheanne all day and Sister Six got Tiffany. We all had so much fun and they were able to get a little taste of missionary life.
Another fun thing was manok. Pronounced like manic, manok stands for Moves Anticipation Night of Kebabs. Usually every Saturday night before Sunday moves calls, all the missionaries in an area get together and buy kebabs and make predictions on where everyone is going and what they’re going to do. We had a really busy day on Saturday and almost weren’t able to make it but we did. It’s always so fun to be around other missionaries.
Anyway, I love you all! I’m so glad to hear that you’re all doing well. I am just having the time of my life here in Scotland. I absolutely love it here and I absolutely love my mission. I’m sad to leave Dundee but I know I’ll love Alloa!
Love you all!
Sister Michayla Hassing

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  1. Sister Hassing I just love reading your blog! You are missed so much here in Omak, but I am so happy for you and all those whose lives you are touching on your mission! Take care and know you are in our family’s prayers!

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