03.20.2017 Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!

Hello family and friends!!!

Not a whole lot happened this week… other than St. Patrick’s Day!! St. Patrick’s Day is an Irish holiday. It originated here. So it’s kind of a big thing… haha. On Friday, all the kids were off of school and most people were off of work so it was just insane. There were parades and parties and carnivals and everyone was in green. But it’s actually quite funny- we were talking to some people and they said that pinching people when they’re not in green is NOT an Irish thing!! Apparently that’s only American…. hahaha. But really, St. Patrick’s Day is such a big thing here that missionaries in Ireland weren’t allowed to be in the cities…. because it’s a Catholic holiday and there is lots of religious contention in this area. It did rain all day though. Fitting. Haha.

Anyway, there really has been such beautiful weather the past little bit. And it’s lighter for a LOT longer. In the winter, it gets light around 10 and then gets dark around 3. So when it’s light at 6:30 and dark at 7… it’s SO NICE. But what’s crazy- the UK hasn’t had Daylight Savings Times yet. So ya’ll in America are one hour closer to us now but I think this weekend it changes for us. So we’ll be back to the usual time separation.

Hope you all have a great week and that you’re having fun with the spring weather starting to come!!

Love you all!!

Sister Michayla Hassing

sorry no pictures 🙁 I forgot my camera all week and Sister Truman’s camera is broken

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