03.27.2017 UK Mother’s Day!!

Hello family and friends!!

This week has been absolutely insane but it was so great at the same time. The beginning of the week was craziness. We had the All-Ireland Conference in Dublin on Tuesday so we had to drive down to Belfast Monday night and leave really really early that morning. We also had to drive 3 elders down to Dublin… cause their visas wouldn’t allow them to cross the border on any mode of public transportation. So basically we were smuggling them across the border because they don’t have passport checks when you drive. Haha. So we were there all day and it was so great to see friends and everyone there! But then we had to drive back to Belfast to drop the elders off and then back to Omagh- all in that night!!!

And then Wednesday morning, we had to drive back to Belfast for exchanges with Sister Garner and Sister Checketts. That was so much fun!! They are crazy. haha. But then on Thursday we had our interviews with President and Sister Donaldson in Belfast. So we finally got to come home Thursday night. But interviews were amazing. I love the Donaldsons so much.

But this week, the weather has been absolutely BEAUTIFUL. All Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and today it hasn’t rained. Which I think might be a national record…. lol. But UK Mother’s Day was yesterday. And for the second year now (which makes me feel so old) I got a present at church for being old enough…. haha. They gave out giant chocolate bars to all the women who were there yesterday. So more chocolate!! Woohoo. Ha.

Anyway, love you all and hope you all have a great week!!

Sister Michayla Hassing

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