04.03.2017 April showers bring May flowers!!

Hello family and friends!!

This week was absolutely amazing!! There were so many great things that happened. On Tuesday, we had an activity at the church and 4 nonmembers and 1 less-active member came!!! They doubled the size of the activity… haha. But they all really enjoyed it. It was great to see them all there.

Wednesday, we started teaching this 17 year-old kid named Cathal. We met him in the street because he actually stopped us!! He was asking people to sign his petition and he ended up having a lesson set up with us. We’ve taught him 3 times already!

Thursday, we had to go to Belfast and we figured while we were there, we’d get our car’s brakes fixed cause they were starting to go out. But NONE of the places we went to could get us in until the next morning!! So we decided that because the brakes are pretty important to driving the car, we’d just stay in Belfast overnight. The only problem with that was that we didn’t have any clothes. No clothes. No makeup. No journal. No nothing. But we did it. So we did some finding in Belfast that night and got up first thing in the morning on Friday to take the car in- then we sat there for 4 hours waiting for it to be fixed. We did get it fixed though and were able to drive safely back from Belfast to Omagh.

Saturday and Sunday were General Conference!!! I LOVE General Conference. There were so many amazing talks. We haven’t had the opportunity to see the Sunday Afternoon session yet but we’re going to listen to it soon.

Anyway, hope you all have a great week and enjoy spring!!!

Sister Michayla Hassing
Our activity on Tuesday- making tie-blankets 🙂
Picture in front of the church on Sunday
Finding in Belfast!!
This is our baby. Her name is Gloria

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