04.17.2017 Happy Easter

Hello friends and family!!

Happy Easter!! Hope you all had a great time eating chocolate and doing easter egg hunts and everything like that. Easter is a huge thing here but you really don’t do easter egg hunts and the easter bunny isn’t a huge thing. You just get loads and loads of chocolate.
We really didn’t do a whole lot of exciting things this week. We weren’t stuck anywhere and we really didn’t have to even go anywhere. The STL’s from Belfast came to our area and stayed for a day and that was really fun 🙂 I was with Sister Checketts and we went to volunteer at the charity shop we go to and they have been trying to convince Sister Truman to buy this one coat for forever… haha. It’s a long brown coat with a fur collar and it’s super 1920s… and when we went in there, Sister Checketts bought it!!! The people who volunteer there were dying laughing.
As for transfers, I am staying another 6 weeks in Omagh with Sister Truman!! These next 6 weeks are also, unfortunately, my last 6 weeks on my mission. But we’re planning on making this transfer the best one yet!!
Sister Michayla Hassing
A member was so nice and bought us chocolate Easter eggs!!

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