Hello family and friends!!

This week was another spectacular week on the Emerald Isle! It is absolutely gorgeous outside today as well so we’re looking forward to another great week.
Last Monday for P-day, Sister Truman and I took a roadtrip and went to Belfast! The Titanic was built in Belfast and so they have a huge museum for it and we went and it was awesome. We also just hung out and did some shopping and just enjoyed ourselves while we were there.
On Tuesday when we were going to District Meeting, we got stuck in traffic for an hour! It was absolutely ridiculous. There’s this little tiny town on the way from Omagh to Londonderry -it’s like going through Wilbur to get from Omak to Spokane. No stoplights. Just a straight shot through. But it took us half an hour to get all the way through that little tiny town. And then it took us another half an hour to get to another little tiny town where it cleared up a bit. Usually it takes us 1 hour or maybe even less to go to Londonderry from Omagh but it took us 2 hours. Needless to say, we were late for District Meeting. But that was okay. Lol.
We got to hold more lambs!! That was so much fun!! They’re so cute and tiny and fluffy!
But anyway, love you all and hope you all have a fantastic week!!
Sister Michayla Hassing
At the Titanic museum!
Holding lambs!
More of the lambs 🙂

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