05.08.2017 Goodbye, Campsie!!

Hello family and friends!!

I have no shortage of what to talk about this week!! My goodness.

This week was packed full of adventures. On Monday night, we traveled to Belfast and spent the night with some sisters there. Tuesday morning, we had to wake up super early and drive down to Dublin for an All-Ireland missionary conference. That was awesome. Also really scary and kinda weird because it was my LAST EVER zone conference and I had to give a departing testimony. I’ll really miss zone conferences though. They’re always so much fun and you get to see so many friends.

Anyway, after the conference, we had to drive back to Belfast and stay there again Tuesday night because we were going to have exchanges with Sister Palmer and Sister Checketts on Wednesday so we spent the whole day there on Wednesday as well. That was really fun cause they’re just crazy. We had to stay in Belfast again on Wednesday night because President and Sister Donaldson were coming to interview us all on Thursday. And that, as always, was amazing. I love them so much.

But then the real craziness started. Cause after we came back on Thursday, Sister Truman and I had to move out of our flat!! For the past 3 months, we’ve been living on Campsie Rd in Omagh. Which happens to be the biggest party-street in the whole town. So every night, we would be woken up by screaming drunk people running through the street past our flat. Also, our back door didn’t lock. And the hot water came out boiling. And we had a pet mouse who we named Harry. And in our one flat, there were 4 flights of stairs. And we lived above a Subway. So needless to say, we are SO HAPPY that we’re out of that flat. But it was an adventure. We did it all by ourselves and the letting agent required us to move all the furniture into the same position it was in when the flat was first rented. So we had to move huge wardrobes and beds down 2 flights of stairs. That was terrifying. Haha. But we managed.

Anyway, hope you all have an amazing week!!! Love you so much!!


Sister Michayla Hassing

It’s a miracle when there are no clouds in the sky in Ireland
At the conference in Dublin!!

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